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What is Universal Vision?

  Universal Vision is a non-profit educational / religious (501(c)(3)) tax exempt organization which is dedicated to research and dissemination of universal knowledge. We hope this work will lead humanity to a common universal understanding, resolving the various current mysteries in the process.

  Although people have been exploring the earth and studying the heavens for millennia, and although our knowledge of ourselves and the universe has expanded greatly in the recent past, we really still know only a small portion of the entire extent of knowledge available in the universe. As a result, there are many mysteries and unknowns about ourselves, the universe, and our relationship to the universe. Many people are exploring these mysteries and unknowns. Some of this set of people are exploring these in ways which we at Universal Vision think are likely to eventually lead to correct solutions. Others are just contributing to the noise.

  We want to help humanity rise above the local, regional, national, and international hatreds, undesirable ambitions, jealousies, and other negative aspects we see in everyday life. There is more to life and a better way of living than finding a way to spite your neighbor, killing someone for a few dollars, destroying many lives and much property simply for hatred, taking over a nation to gain its resources or control its people, and other such problems we see today.
  The problem is that many, many people seem not to have learned this yet.
  How can we rise above these problems to realize what we really are?
  Some people have been trying to get humanity to do this for a long time, without much success. We are proposing our solutions. We have no illusions that achieving these solutions will be an easy task. Indeed, it will be one of the most difficult tasks any person, group, or society as a whole has ever undertaken.
  As our research and integration efforts yield what we believe are certain paths to take, we publish these in one form or another. Currently, our pamphlets and newsletter serve this purpose.

  How does Universal Vision differ from other groups?
  We have noticed that some groups, but not all, studying these types of topics seem to practice “creative writing” in their materials. They may put together one or more sets of text or other material which have little or no basis in fact, yet they present these materials as fact. These types of materials might include, though this list is not all-inclusive:

  • imaginary “revelations” they have received from "non-incarnate beings"
  • an individual's or group's beliefs regarding space aliens and communication with them, which exists only in their minds
  • predictions claimed to have been made prior to an event; but in many cases if you read the original prediction, it requires a significant stretch to tie it to the event which occurred.
  • philosophical ramblings.

  These materials might be called “Junk food for your mind or spirit”. They do nothing but add layers of fat, which must then eventually be stripped away to reveal reality.
  Universal Vision tries to take a more realistic, productive approach. We try to stick to facts and document information where we can. When we can’t, we try to make a logical interpolation or extrapolation from what is known today. We try to clearly define terms to reduce confusion.
  We try to provide a philosophy of life which encompasses all its aspects, not just those which may be obvious to everyone.
  In this work, we readily admit that we don't have all the answers. We are only human. We are not perfect. We may make mistakes. But we think we do the best we can in pointing humanity in the right direction, and trying to show why.

  Universal Vision wants to provide a place where people can discuss ideas. We encourage questions and debate. Our goal is to get to the truth on each point – whatever that truth may be.

  If you have not already read our Vision and Goals pages, please refer to those, too, for more detail about our intent.

  We have some further details on this in our pamphlets such as "Why Do We Need Universal Vision?".