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Our Vision

  Our vision has many aspects, and, as the universal in our name implies, is quite comprehensive in scope:

  • a humanity which is both individually and collectively, in psychological terms, self-actualized – that is, we understand ourselves

  • a humanity which expresses love, health, and a continuing quest for universal understanding

  • a humanity which lives responsibly in peace and harmony with itself, with other life forms, with the earth, and with the universe as a whole

  • a humanity which respects and provides for both personal freedom and individuality as well as the collective good

  • a humanity which has personal and technological capabilities few people even dream of today

  • a humanity which has taken its rightful place as citizens of the universe

  We believe most of humanity would also want this vision fulfilled. We also believe that only by fulfilling such a vision will humanity survive, grow spiritually and intellectually, and prosper for the long term. To really understand humanity's place in the universe, we need a universal vision. Our limited horizons in the past, and the present, have prevented humanity from developing into the beings we truly can be.

  Humanity can have a tremendous future, if this vision is fulfilled. If this vision, or some other one like it, is not fulfilled, we face a difficult future at best.

  Universal Vision cannot realize this vision by itself. We will have to rely on the work of others as well – from both the past, present, and future. Although we have plans to conduct some of our own research, we see our function primarily as an integrator and verifier of the work being done and of the information available.

   We ask you to join with us in this endeavor to make humanity's future as bright as it can be.