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  Universal Vision may make requests of its members and others interested in our effort. These can take various forms. Sometimes these will be generic, but occasionally we will make specific requests. Please click on the following links or scroll down to see any current requests we have. If you would like to assist or participate, please contact us.

Donations Volunteer Information


  We always gratefully accept monetary donations, whether large or small, to sustain us and help carry on our work. Since we have had no paid staff to date, all funds donated have gone directly toward supporting the organization and our work. We do have to pay for outside services and other items, however.
  We would like to remind you that Universal Vision is a 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Current Request(s):
  Universal Vision always needs routine monetary donations to help pay office and other operating expenses.
  In addition, we are currently asking for significant donations for two projects.
1) Our largest project to date is trying to find a permanent home. This could be a house, a small office building, or the funds to purchase such. This would provide us space for a significant library, a place to hold meetings, possibly rooms to set up some laboratories, and space for expansion for other functions.
  2) Our second project would help sponsor a research study with a university. This project has an estimated cost of $50,000.

  If you would like to contribute toward any of these, please contact us. Even a large number of small donations will add up, so if you can only offer a small donation, please don't let that stop you.


  We need volunteers to help us in carrying out some tasks. This may be to do research or to support a presentation. We have established a list of people willing to help as volunteers for certain things, but we need more. You do not have to live in the Houston area to volunteer.

Current Request(s):
  One of our current volunteer requests is for someone who has experience with writing grant proposals for non-profit organizations.
  We are also currently looking for people to do literature research on a variety of topics. Much of our literature research can be done on the internet and local libraries, though being near a university library would probably be helpful.
  One of the specific types of research we need is to examine web sites and other sources for statistical data, including government reports and polling organizations.

   If you are interested in doing any of these, please contact us.

Equipment or related office items
  We may occasionally need office equipment, supplies, or related items.

Current Request(s):
  At the present time our needs in this area are already met.


  We ask our web site visitors if they can help by providing certain information. There are usually several items we are looking for. These may be a link to something, a document, a person, the location of something, or something else we have been trying to find and have not been able to. These types of requests will involve something in which we have an interest, and, if met, could save us valuable time. Many of these requests will involve information we have read in the past, but for which we can't find the reference now.
  If you would like to help us with some research, please contact us.

Current Request(s):
  We are typically looking for many pieces of information. Some of the specific things we are
asking for now include:
   1) a book read originally probably back in the 1970s which mentioned an American Indian who would walk to a certain location, disrobe, and then disappear from sight. On reappearing, he would report that he had visited other lands. We would also be interested in other books dealing with the same or similar topics.
   2) the original court case many years ago when the judge ruled that a driver who leaves his turn signal blinking after completing a turn, but has no further intention of turning is not guilty if someone turns out in front of him at an intersection. The judge's rationale was apparently: Everyone leaves turn signals blinking.

   If you have or can get the information we are looking for, please contact us.


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