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  Feel like a challenge? Feel philosophical? Try answering these questions.

  Please feel free to respond to us with your answers or thoughts on these questions.  
  On this page, we at Universal Vision pose questions which might have implications for humanity's future, some questions possibly related to earth's past, or just some thought-provoking concepts. We try to pose questions which will cause people to think about things they may not have thought of before or think about them from a different viewpoint.

The economic situation we have been expecting has arrived. What is next? Civil unrest? An increase in crime?

  Is God splitting the US into multiple tongues (Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, English, Ebonics, etc.) like it is said He did in the Bible?

  We've had Generation X. We've had Generation Y. Is the current generation, Generation Z , the last one?

  Are the people who believe in Revelation’s prophecies bringing them about?

  The great earthquake in Indonesia and the resulting tidal wave near the end of 2004 have created what some people are calling the greatest disaster to befall humankind. The aid being promised, while generous, may not be enough. What would happen if we were to have multiple such earthquakes and tidal waves in succession at various places around the world? How would the world respond? Would the nations of the world be able to help each other, or would these events cause the world economic and other systems to collapse?

  What would we do for movie and related types of entertainment if there were no war or crimes committed in them? How would the daily news programs fill their allocated times if there were no war and if no crimes were committed?

  Is Pakistan today the Iran of the 1970s, only with nuclear weapons? What happens if General Pervez Musharraf is assassinated, overthrown or "unelected"?

  People have questioned for decades whether the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan near the end of World War 2 was justified. People have taken a variety of positions on this matter.
  Some argue that they were justified because they would have saved up to 1 million American casualties should an invasion of Japan be necessary. Some argue that they would not have been justified under any circumstances. Others argue that it was not justified because the war was almost over, that the Japanese Emperor was only trying to find an honorable way to end the war, and that the war would have ended soon anyway. Some reports say that the bombs were dropped because President Truman wanted to demonstrate to the Russians that the United States had the bomb and was willing to use it.
  But what if the bombs had not been dropped? How would history have been different? Is it possible or even more likely that a much larger nuclear war might have occurred in the interim, as people would not have been so horrified by the use of such weapons?

  Which came first? The chicken? Or the egg? Our answer to this old question might surprise you and provide food for thought.
  For our answer, see our pamphlet
"Creation, evolution, or ...?"

  What comprises the universe?
1) Is it the current size of what is thought by most to be an expanding universe?
2) Is the universe infinite?
3) Is it the limit, if it is not infinite, of what an expanding universe can fill?
4) Is the universe growing or getting larger with time – i.e., is additional space created as the galaxies and other objects expand?
Or is the universe really expanding? Or does it really exist at all? Are there other possibilities? We address these types of questions in our pamphlet Creation, Evolution, or ...?

  This deep space image from the Hubble telescope showing numerous distant galaxies is the farthest humans have been able to peer out into the universe in the visible spectrum. What is out there? How far does it extend? (Photo courtesy of NASA and STScI.)


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