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  Universal Vision offers the following publications. We are currently developing others, including a book, Universal Vision: The Key. We think you will find them interesting and great stimuli for conversation or other types of discussion. The links in the following table will take you to each type of publication available.

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  Our brochure (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) gives a high level overview of what Universal Vision is about.
  It raises some of the questions we are investigating, such as those dealing with life after death, psi (or ESP), animal capabilities, UFOs, science, other civilizations, theology-religion, and the search for truth.
  It briefly states what Universal Vision is concerned with. Our pamphlet "Why do we need Universal Vision?" goes into more detail.
  To view and/or download our brochure, click here.

NewsletterTemporarily suspended
  Our newsletter, titled "The Universal Vision", is printed in color on quality glossy paper. Each is normally 8 pages in length, printed on 11 x 17 paper, folded to read as 8½ x 11 and stapled.
  We try to publish it quarterly, but don't always make that due to the pressures of other activities.
  Each issue has a primary article. Other contents may include predictions, reader feedback or comments, special editorials, our "Points of Wonder" boxes which raise a certain question, or other features which come along as we proceed.
  The primary article may cover virtually any topic, in accordance with our name universal.   One thing each issue will not have is advertising from external sources. Our newsletter is supported only by memberships and donations.
   *Publication of our newsletter has been suspended while we try to complete and publish our forthcoming book, Universal Vision: The Key.

  We have a number of pamphlets. They are listed below.
  These pamphlets cover a variety of topics. The topics are among the most important issues in human life today.
  We ask that you keep an open mind as you read them. They are not "politically correct", because to be so would mask the real issues. They raise some thought-provoking questions and present issues in a different light from what many people may have considered before. We suggest that you do not read just one pamphlet. To get the larger picture of what Universal Vision is about, you probably need to read several.
  The length of each pamphlet will vary, depending on the topic discussed. Most of these are 20 pages or more in length, and printed in a book-type format.
  These pamphlets may be updated periodically as new information is added or events dictate. Other pamphlets will be added to our list as they become available.

 Number  Title
Why do we need Universal Vision?
  This may be one of the big questions you have in your mind when you visit our site. What is different about Universal Vision? Is Universal Vision just another organization like so many others out there? We think not. We think Universal Vision will serve a very useful purpose for several reasons: 1) by acting as a repository for information across the broad spectrum of human existence, 2) by trying to verify that information to get to the "truth", and 3) by trying to integrate that information into the big picture of human existence.
Some Basics: Terminology, postulates, and declarations
  In our pamphlets, we frequently define terms trying to be as clear as possible in statements we make. This pamphlet contains some of our basic definitions, conventions, hypotheses, premises, and postulates or assumptions – many of which are then used in our other pamphlets to document our positions and propose ideas.
Science: What it is, and what it isn't
  Many people seem to think that science is very difficult to study, carry out, or understand. It can be. Many people don't trust science. But what is science, really? Is science good or bad? What limitations does it have? Where can it take us, and where can't it? How do scientists really work? How does technology relate to science?
We as humans
  We collectively call ourselves humans. We all understand what that means, or so we think. But do we really? Those of us at Universal Vision use this pamphlet to ask certain questions such as: how, what, why, when and who.
God, gods, nothing, or ...
  The ancient civilizations had many gods. There was a god for the ocean, a god for war, a god for rain, and so on. As people learned more about the world and how things operated, many of these gods went away. People still have a wide range of beliefs. Some religions retain multiple gods; others have chosen a single God. Some people believe in no God at all. Even among those religions which claim a single God, are they the same God? Is Allah the same God as the Christian God? What is the real story?
Creation, evolution, or ...?
  How did we get here on earth? There are many accounts of creation. There is the theory (or maybe theories?) of evolution. Which is right, if any of them are? Or is it possible there may be some truth to both types of concepts? Is there another option besides these two? We propose one. What should be taught in the public schools and where?
Some givens: A look at UFOs, psi, crop circles, and other topics
  Many unusual phenomena are reported. Some need to be debunked; others need to be recognized. In this pamphlet, we examine those which we think should be recognized and accepted. People see or experience them, but others don't believe them. If the proposed explanations for them were not so controversial, wouldn't they have been accepted by any reasonable person? Why haven't they? Universal Vision takes a realistic look at various phenomena and proposes some explanations and ways to study them.
Living together
  We are people of earth. It seems right and proper that we be able to live together in peace. Why can't we? In this pamphlet, we propose some ideas which may be able to help us along that path. Not everyone may agree with our proposals, but then what other proposals have worked so far?
Crime and justice
  This pamphlet is closely tied to our pamphlet, Living Together. We at Universal Vision thought this topic was important enough in its own right that it should have its own pamphlet. Here we discuss an approach to obtaining a more peaceful, crime-free society. It may be controversial, but we think it is the only way to get there.
The environment
  The earth we live on right now is the only planet we have at this moment in time. It may be the only one we will have for some time to come. We need to consider our environment in decisions. What does the high consumption of fossil fuels do our environment? Some recent observations imply that by doing so humans are negatively affecting the earth's climate and other aspects. Are we? Or are these just changes which are occurring naturally from changes in the earth, the sun, or other "natural" causes? Universal Vision examines these.
The War on Terrorism (aka World War 3?)
  One of Universal Vision's primary goals is for humans to live together peacefully. Is there more than one path to get there? We think yes, but they may have much different latencies to effect. What can we do about terrorism? Did the events of September 11th, 2001, begin World War 3? Where will it end? We examine the different philosophies behind the war and pacifist movements. This pamphlet examines what free people must do to preserve freedom and eventually attain the peace most of us long for. To see a chilling excerpt from this pamphlet, click here.
Government and politics
  What are the roles and responsibilities of government in a society? How much freedom should people have? What are rights? What rights should people have? Who or what is the source of rights? What role should the church have in the state? Universal Vision examines these questions and others in this thought-provoking pamphlet.
The future: An integration and look ahead
  What does the future hold? In this pamphlet, we consider some of the content discussed in other pamphlets, and take another look at the big picture. . We take current world events and project where humanity is headed. Can we rely on prophecy to help us in this, or is it too vague to be of much help? It appears there are some definite deep potholes in the road ahead.

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