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Privacy Policy

  Many people today have a concern about personal privacy. We are as concerned as you about personal privacy. It is not an issue which should be taken lightly.
  Universal Vision must maintain certain information about its members to permit communication, mailing of newsletters, and other purposes. It is our policy that membership lists, the information contained therein, and other information provided by visitors or others will not be sold, bartered, or otherwise distributed for commercial purposes. All such information under our control will be protected to the maximum extent practical. Unfortunately, we can't always necessarily guarantee security of information while en route to us via the internet.
  Information will be kept confidential. No information will be released to outside entities, except as may be required by law under certain specific conditions, which we never expect to encounter.

  We will have no advertisers on our site, so there is no opportunity for others to place cookies, tracking, or other information on your computer, nor for others to obtain any information from your computer. We do not anticipate posting on our web site any materials which will require age or other restrictions.

  We have an option for you to tell us who you are, why you visited us, and what you think of the site and our work. We hope you will take the time to do so. Any such lawful information shared with us will not be published nor used where it can reveal individual identities.

  If we do occasionally link to other sites for your convenience or possible interest, we cannot be responsible for the security or privacy of such sites.

  If we collect email, address, and other information from you regarding an order or for other reasons, that information will only be used regarding that order or other specific Universal Vision-related purposes. We will never sell or transfer any portion of your information to others nor use it in inappropriate ways.

  The date of any changes to our privacy policy will be noted on this page.

  If you have specific questions not covered here, please contact us.

March, 2004