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  Universal Vision's President, Dr. Jim Stramler, is available for presentations. He has an exceptional breadth of knowledge and experience. He is an accomplished and very interesting speaker. If you would like to be stimulated or challenged to think in different ways, you should hear Dr. Stramler speak.

  He has been very successful in a traditional career, where his experience and background include:

  •  university professor
  •  author of many scientific papers and presentations
  •  Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology (specialization in Psychobiology)
  •  expert and consultant in the field of human factors / ergonomics
  •  Certified Human Factors Professional (CHFP)
  •  published reference book in the human factors / ergonomics field
  •  supervisor of a human factors / ergonomics research laboratory
  •  elected local public official

  But there is more to Dr. Stramler than meets the traditional eye. While in college and graduate school, he investigated or conducted research into

  •  haunted houses
  •  psychic healers
  •  psychokinesis
  •  various forms of "ESP"
  •  UFOs

  His traditional education, training, and experience in psychology and human factors / ergonomics have provided a good background for Universal Vision.
  In creating Universal Vision, he decided to come back to his real interests and fascinations, to see what kinds of contributions he can make toward understanding these phenomena and creating a world in which humans can live in peace with a better understanding of the universe as a whole.  

  To sponsor or to learn more about this opportunity, please contact him by phone or by electronic mail at:
  universal2 (followed by the at symbol) universalvision.org

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