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September, 2013:
  We traveled to Abadiania, Brazil, to investigate João de Deus, better known as John of God, at his Casa de Dom Inacio. We were told of a significant healing which occurred while we were there, but did not observe any directly ourselves. We did observe some interesting images and events. We were able to witness one of his "eye-scraping" surgeries, and watched a video of another type. The persons involved apparently felt no pain during the surgeries.

May, 2012:
  We have moved from Houston to the Asheville, North Carolina, area. Please see our new Contact information.

April, 2009:
Dr. Stramler attended the X-Conference outside Washington, D.C. Special guests in attendance were George Noory and Edgar Mitchell.

November, 2006:
  Dr. Stramler travelled to North Carolina in an attempt to view and study the Brown Mountain lights. Unfortunately, nothing more than a few brief points of light appeared during his time there. It was impossible in the darkness to tell how far away they were, and they could have been nothing more than fireflies. A photo of Brown Mountain taken during the day is attached.

July 19, 2006:
  In our pamphlet The War on Terrorism (aka World War 3?), which was first published in 2001, we claimed that the war on terrorism was indeed the beginning of World War 3. We were pretty much alone in our claim. In the last few days, however, we have noticed that many notable public figures are now calling it so. What else have we said that others have yet to realize?

March 29, 2005:
  We have added a new pamphlet to our list. Check it out.

June 14, 2004:
  We occasionally receive emails with attachments. We would like to let anyone sending us emails with attachments know that we do not open them. If the email comes from what we even think might possibly be a suspicious return address, we may not even open the email. The only way we will open such attachments is 1) if the sender has coordinated with us in advance, 2) we have a verifiable email address, and 3) we know something about the sender.

March 12, 2004:
  Dr. Stramler traveled to Homestead, Florida, to investigate the mysterious Coral Castle. This is a structure built by Ed Leedskalnin in the first half of the 20th century. It required, among other things, moving and positioning large, heavy coral blocks. One of the features is a rotating gate. It is said that when originally constructed, this gate required very little effort to turn. After it was repaired by others after Ed's death, it does not turn quite so easily. Watch this gate in motion. A link to the Coral Castle web site is provided here.

December 12, 2003:
  We have been fighting breach of contract issues for over two years with an individual who persisted in using our name "Universal Vision" to his own advantage, and, we think, to our detriment. We filed a lawsuit against this individual earlier this year. Finally, in a Texas court injunction hearing on December 8th, the judge found him in breach of contract, and directed him to change his web site to give internet users a choice of links – one to a new site he has developed, and one to ours.
  The outcome of this hearing
leads us to expect a favorable outcome for the trial, which is now scheduled for May, 2004.
  If you have come here from that site, we welcome you to our alternative, and what we think is a more nearly correct or "truthful" vision of reality.
  We own the Service Mark for the name Universal Vision, and no one else can legally use it or anything similar to it in this class.

August 27, 2003:
  You may have heard of the Amber Alert system for finding kidnapped or otherwise missing children. This system began in Texas in 1996 and is named after a 9-year-old girl, Amber Hagerman, who was abducted in Arlington and killed. It involves informing the media about such incidents, and posting notices on freeway signs and elsewhere. It has apparently led to the safe return of many missing children, and it is in the process of going nationwide.
  We at Universal Vision had an idea to expand on this. We are presenting it to the authorities, and hope it will be implemented.
  Our thought was to do the same for carjackings and other major crimes where a quick response is needed and an informed public with cell phone and other rapid communication capabilities can be of great help. We hope this will lead to the apprehension of more criminals more quickly. We'll see how this works out. If it does, you will probably be hearing about it in the news.


May, 2003:

  Dr. Stramler visited Rachel, Nevada, near Area 51, in the Spring of 2003. He didn't see anything unusual in the air during his trip. But see below ...
  On the way there, he noticed that an alien Drop Box had been added to the famous Steve Medlin mailbox.


  People might expect to see strange things in visiting the Area 51 region. Returning from his trip to Rachel, Dr. Stramler happened to notice this cow chewing on a plastic ring. Do you suppose this could be the next step in milk production and packaging? Has the farmer trained the cow to eat plastic so she could dispense milk in ready-packaged plastic bottles? Would it be blue milk in this case – instead of white or chocolate – or blue bottles???