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  The concept of Universal Vision had been brewing for decades in the mind of its founder and current President, Dr. Jim Stramler. This organization is the culmination of much research and study beyond what a formal education provided.

  Universal Vision began publishing its newsletter, The Universal Vision, in 2001.
We have several pamphlets on various topics either available or in various stages of development.
  See Publications to learn more about these.

  Dr. Stramler began gathering notes for a book about the concept of Universal Vision in the 1980s. This has turned out to involve so much more research and be so much more difficult to write than anticipated. The book Universal Vision: The Key should be completed soon.

Membership and work:
  Our first members joined in 2000.

  All of Universal Vision’s work is currently done by volunteers. We have no paid staff. Probably for this reason, it has taken much longer to get the business, legal, research, and other aspects of Universal Vision going than we thought it would. Our vision is much bigger than our current time and budget allow.
  We seek volunteers to help us carry the volume of work we want Universal Vision to accomplish. We are also asking for large donations to set up a permanent office where we can maintain a library and perform other functions. Please see our Request(s)

Business and Legal Aspects:
  The first legal step toward the official formation of Universal Vision was taken in 1997, when the Trademark application was filed to register the name with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The Service Mark for Universal Vision was granted in 1999. The official registration of our Universal Vision Service Mark was completed in October, 2000. As soon as the Service Mark approval was received, Dr. Stramler joined with others of similar interest and filed to have Universal Vision incorporated as a Texas non-profit corporation. Non-profit status was also applied for with the US Internal Revenue Service in 1999. Universal Vision is a 501(c)(3) organization. Thus donations made to it are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.
  We also developed a corporate logo in 2000. This logo is an attempt to represent in graphic form the basic concept of what Universal Vision is seeking to do. The human race should be reaching out with open eyes to touch the stars and understand its place in the universe. We applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office to get a Service Mark for our logo in 2000. The Service Mark was awarded in 2002. You will see this logo appearing on our official correspondence, web site, and other materials.