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Contact Information for Universal Vision

  We have the standard ways for you to contact us – phone, postal mail, and email.

  If you provide us with your contact information, we will be able to reach you in case we have any questions on what you have said.

Postal address:
Universal Vision
P. O. Box 250
Skyland, NC 28776


We have removed our fax line due to lack of use.

Electronic mail address: 
  universal1 (followed by the at symbol) universalvision.org

  IMPORTANT NOTE: We regret having to do this, but due to unbelievable amounts of spam, we are no longer providing a direct link. To send us an email, please cut and paste the above address.
  Also, please provide some meaningful text in the subject line. Something like "Hi" by itself or some catchy words may be mistaken for spam and either sent to an electronic black hole or deleted without being read.
  We occasionally receive emails with attachments. We would like to let anyone sending us emails with attachments know that due to security concerns we do not routinely open them. The only way we will open such attachments is 1) if the sender has coordinated with us in advance, 2) we have a verifiable sender email address, and 3) we know something about the sender.
  If an email comes from what we even think might possibly be a suspicious return address, we may not even open the email.