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Will humanity leave its footprints around the universe, as an astronaut did on the moon for this photo?


Will humanity disappear on the same planet where it appeared because of conflict and fear?



(Photo courtesy of NASA)

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  Universal Vision is dedicated to seeing humanity live in peace, achieve its potential, and obtain an understanding of its place in the universe. In doing so, we need to tackle some of the most difficult challenges humanity has faced.
   We try to ask challenging, interesting, and penetrating questions, then try to answer them. We try to separate fact from fiction, false prophecy, and myth, and try to find solutions to human problems. Getting at the "truth" is a big part of this work.

  Universal Vision is involved in many areas as we work to discover and disseminate "truth", as you will see when you examine our site. For example, some of these areas can be seen on our Comments page. We try to ask penetrating Questions.

  We have goals in trying to fulfill our vision. To illustrate a subset of one of our goals, there are organizations in the United States, and in some other nations, which are involved in protecting consumers and providing useful information. In the United States, you've probably heard of these organizations – they are the Better Business Bureau (BBB®), the Underwriters Laboratories (UL®), Consumer Reports®, and the federal government's Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). These types of organizations may perform product testing, research, and publish results about products or companies with the intent of keeping the consumer safe, enabling them to make good purchasing decisions, etc.
BBB®, UL®, and Consumer Reports® are registered trademarks of those entities. We make no presumption to represent them here nor be affiliated with them in any way. They are used here merely as examples of the types of things we think need to be done, and the types of things we want to do, in the areas we are involved with as mentioned above. Our work should in no way overlap with theirs.

  To our knowledge, there is no such comparable organization for the psychic, UFO, life-after-death, religious, and other unexplained phenomena areas that many people deal with. We think that some of these phenomena are real, but that there is a lot of misinformation, misunderstanding, lack of true skills, and even fraud out there. For example, distinguishing a good psychic from a poor one or from a fraud is very difficult.
  We want Universal Vision to become the equivalent of an integration or combination of these other types of organizations for the psychic, UFO, religious, and other unexplained phenomena areas. We want to be able to give what appear to be valid concepts the Universal Vision “Seal of Approval”. This is discussed further in our pamphlet
Why do we need Universal Vision?.

  We hope you will continue to visit our site, even linking it to as well if you have your own site. We ask you obtain our publications for more information, as well as our forthcoming book Universal Vision: The Key when it is available. Some excerpts from our pamphlets are linked from our publications page.

  We hope the information we bring here on this site and in our publications causes people to think of things they may not have thought of before, that it adds insight to things they know something about, and/or causes them to approach something from a different point of view.

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